The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support Olim (new immigrants to Israel and returning citizens) through post-Aliyah programs and services. We foster a strong sense of community and advocate for Olim to successfully integrate into Israeli society during life after Aliyah.

Welcome to KeepOlim

KeepOlim is a new amuta (non-profit) that provides programs and services to new Olim (immigrants to Israel).

From Free Legal Aid, Adopt an Oleh Program, No Oleh Alone for the holidays, Bikkur Cholim (visiting the sick Olim), social events, advocacy on behalf of Olim, self-help groups (and coming-soon, a low cost, quality individual mental-health counseling; as well as a support hotline).

KeepOlim (RA 580613610) is a registered non-profit organization, authorized by the Israeli Corporations Authority and the Ministry of Justice.

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Who We Are

KeepOlim began from the frustrations of one Oleh Chadash, LiAmi Lawrence. Lawrence struggled in Israel with no job, no money and no hope. After watching many of his Olim friends leave Israel, he decided to leave as well. But his friend Tal Ekrony convinced him to create a Facebook group to show the Israelis the struggles of Olim. Within a week over 3,000 diverse Olim from around the world were venting the same tune in many languages.

After meeting with his friend, Attorney Tzvika Gravier, together they decided to empower and unite all Olim by creating a non-profit post Aliyah Movement. The non profit KeepOlim (RA-580613610) was born August 9, 2015, with the goal of providing all Olim and returning residents with vital programs, services and advocacy. Too many Olim were needlessly leaving and Israel was missing a historic opportunity to keep them here thus making Israel stronger. Our diverse community has grown to 38,000 Olim and supporters. KeepOlim is changing the lives of Olim for the better.

There has never been an organization whose sole purpose is to unite and assist Olim from all over the world to stay in Israel. We are creating a post Aliyah support system to help Olim overcome their struggles. We have become the voice of all Olim in many languages. With more support and programs, more Olim will stay in Israel and in return inspire others to make Aliyah.

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More than 40,000 Olim and their supporters have joined our KeepOlim Community. Join Us!


<strong>LiAmi Lawrence</strong>

LiAmi Lawrence


The co-founder and CEO of KeepOlim, LiAmi made Aliyah July 24, 2014 from Los Angeles. It was the troubles he faced post-Aliyah that were the impetus for the creation of KeepOlim. LiAmi was the former Director of Media for the Consulate General of Israel for the Southwest Region of the United States. He was also Public Relations Director for a non-profit that worked with at risk inner city teens in Los Angeles. In addition, LiAmi also produced events and parties for the LA Jewish Community and hosted a popular weekly radio talk show with many controversial guests and celebrities.

<strong>Tzvika Graiver</strong>

Tzvika Graiver


The co-founder and Chairman of the Board of KeepOlim, Tzvika is a native born Israeli. An entrepeneur and inventor by nature, he earned a Law Degree at Hebrew University and started to volunteer at NefeshBNefesh as a lawyer for new Olim. Sadly Tzvika quickly saw that the same Olim that he helped to make Aliyah returned to their countries. Then through the hand of fate Tzvika met LiAmi and together they decided to start a post Aliyah non-profit for all Olim, in order to make real changes for all Olim. Tzvika advocates for Olim in the Knesset to try to make life easier for Olim through legistration. Moreover, he runs KeepOlim's Free Legal Aid Program to review contracts and provide legal help for Olim in their first year of Aliyah. Tzvika's goal is to Keep Olim in Israel so that Israel will thrive and grow.

<strong>Joan Shrensky</strong>

Joan Shrensky


Joan made Aliyah from the United States in 1981 with her husband and 2 daughters. Within 4 years of her Aliyah she founded Mercaz Harmony, a unique inclusive educational program for children with disabilities who learn with children who have no disabilities. Joan directed this program until her retirement in 2008. She has served on the board of many organizations devoted to the inclusion of children and adults with special needs. In 2002, she was chosen as one of 21 American-Israeli Women highlighted in the book "Portraits in Passion: Vision and Values of American-Israeli Women. Although she still consults with families of children who have special needs, today, she devotes her time to her family (including 9 grandchildren), her friends and of course to KeepOlim and administering the KeepOlim Bikur Cholim program.

Elina Hoshen

Elina Hoshen


Elina made Aliyah in the summer of 2015 from Munich, Germany. Originally from Russia, she spent some time living in Europe and was very involved in Jewish Community life along with her work and studies. After immigrating to Israel, she got a job in business consulting, moved 5 times and got married. She believes in integration through social connections and maximum interactions between various groups of Israeli society. Therefore she runs our programs focusing on connecting Olim with each other and with Israelis.