Job Bank and Career Counseling

National Job Bank & Career Counseling - Finding a professional job in Israel's tough job market is one of the biggest challenges for many Olim. A lack of a professional job is a major reason many Olim leave Israel and return to their native countries. KeepOlim is developing a long-term project to create a National Job Bank for Olim. In addition, we will provide career counseling and coaching to Olim so that they may succeed professionally in their new homeland.

And all because one man, together with several other Angels started to decided to do something to help the new Immigrants to make the transition and help wherever and whenever needed, so they started this group to find one another. Mazel tov! May we all help,, including non Jews as God commanded us!

Nancy Rexin Evans

You don't know me but I just wanted to thank you for making Keep Olim in Israel. I don't live in Israel but I've been thinking about aliyah for quite a few years and its helpful to hear everyones opinions, good or bad. Helps me paint a realistic picture of what it will be like to live in Israel as an Israeli. For now, I don't have the strength to make aliyah alone but perhaps one day I will. I hope I don't look back on my life in 65 years and regret not doing the one thing that gives me meaning in my life. We all have dreams. Thanks to your dream, perhaps one day I will fulfill my own. All the best and Shabbat Shalom

Chaya Sapper