Thank you to all who made this event a huge huge success! Both hosts and attendees!

KeepOlim's No Oleh Alone for Pesach made sure that every Oleh was personally matched with a warm host family! In every Seder every Oleh was family and every host became a family!

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Sharon Altshul- Moadim l'simcha Seder worked out great, thank you for all your efforts. And who would imagine that Josh and Maria had someone in common.. Love the small world here. It is a great initiative and your personal involvement.. simply amazing. Thank you for introducing us to Josh, Maria and Misha.
Denis Perchersky-Thanks a lot for suggesting Barry and Julie! It was like a real family, so nice and amazing!! Thank you !

Ber Lazarus Just got home from our seder with a wonderful family with whom we were matched by Liami. It was great. One of the best I've been to in years. So a big thank you to Liami and the folks at Keep Olim. A job well done. Chag sameach. !

Enid Arfer Shiansky The program is wonderful! After being in Israel for only 2 days we were welcomed to a very warm and friendly family for Pesach! The Seder was great! Thank you!

Jose Shwadsky- I went on Friday night and Saturday lunch time, Peri and Jason from Canada. Everything was OK and like always we owe everything to you as your big effort in this valued organization. Thanks very much hermano and jag sameaj

Anita Kelman-Thanks again for your efforts in finding a Seder for all to attend. I enjoyed my time at Eric’s house; it was indeed a short walk away from the apt I’m staying at this week. The group was quite eclectic and fun.

Sarah Goldberg- Thanks so much! We ended up having six koim guests (after planning to have 2) and it was wonderful like it always is!!!!!

Uriel Ben-Mordechai- We had a great time at our Host’s home, David and Minda Granowitz on Seder night.

Thank you for pairing us up with them. But it was a beautiful table, and a good seder. They were happy with us, and we with them. Keep up the KeepOlim work. You guys are doing an amazing thing, and are a great blessing to many. Despite the hassles of matching up pure strangers at a seder table, it gives family to those who have none.

Kenneth Ryesky- All had a great time! They plan to relocate to Petach Tikva in a few weeks, so they/we now have some new friends. Worthwhile! 

Vilena Beylin- Hag sameah! Thanks for matching us. The Seder was great, very familiar atmosphere, and a very welcoming family.

Yury and Yulia Fedorov- Thank you for arranging a great seder night for us, we enjoyed it a lot. Thank you again, it was very good! !

Kielah'Tiel Walker Angulo Barton Thank you, I especially enjoyed my host and my fellow patrons. It was a delightful evening. 

Maria- It was a lovely family and Seder!! Thanks a lot!!

Michael Brown- Huge thanks to Liami, Lyndsey, and everyone who worked on the program. Our seder was so greatly enriched by the presence of our guests.

Tammie Weiss-Thank you for running this program. We had a wonderful time. Kol hakavod.

Tessa Aloni-Thanks Liami, we had lots of fun and were delighted to host Luiz from Brazil. We made a new friend !  

Anton Alteon- The Seder was cool, thanks!?

Mikhail IndykThank you LiAmi for not making me feel alone and enabling me and my children to enjoy different hagim with both Sephardi and Ashkenazi families originally from Other countries and Israelis whom opened their homes and became new found friends!