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Last But Not Least

What are you seeking by asking to join the “Adopt an Oleh” Program?

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By asking to join the “Adopt an Oleh” Program, you understand that it entails having continuous and unsupervised contact with one or more of our volunteers. You hereby declare that you will keep confidential any personal information about our volunteers which may come to your knowledge, including names, addresses and phone numbers, and that you will not abuse this information in any way (including by way of harassment, giving out information to third parties etc.). You also acknowledge that KeepOlim is not and will not be responsible for the actions of the volunteers, and accordingly will not bear responsibility for any kind of damage resulting from your participation in the “Adopt an Oleh” Program. Finally, you agree that information provided by you will be stored in an internal database used for administering volunteer activity, and you acknowledge that this information may be used in a general and unidentified manner for statistical purposes only.