Adopt an Oleh

Making friends, meeting locals and receiving support in navigating through Israeli bureaucracy is vital for successful integration in Israel. Whether right after making Aliyah or after spending already some time in Israel, Olim might feel disconnected from what is happening in the country and might find it hard to fit in, Our cornerstone program - Adopt an Oleh - will make integrating in Israel much smoother by offering Olim a dedicated Israeli friend or a whole family to walk you Israeli life and help you feel at home here. Every Oleh will be paired with an Israeli mentor with a fitting person (or people) with similar language and interests. Some Olim might look for a friend similar in age, while other might look for a family to compensate for the own family being faraway. Other are looking for professional mentor. We have it all and even more!. 
Once registered, we check the forms and try to find the best match for an Oleh. Most likely, we will contact an Oleh over the the phone to verify the details and to get to know him / her better. Once we have a suggestion, we contact a potential buddy / family and discuss the profile. Once confirmed, we contact the Oleh and present him the buddy / family. As soon as we have the confirmation from both sides - we share the contact information and ask the buddy / family to get in touch with the Oleh within 3 days. Within the first month after the match has been made, we keep monitoring the situation by regularly contacting both sides to ensure that they are in touch and the match was successful. Both sides can contact us at any time regarding any issues that may occur. 
Who can participate?
Olim: anyone who has made Aliyah and currently lives in Israel or is just about to arrive with an already confirmed Aliyah date. It does not matter how long you have been here, whether you have a family here, whether you are religious and where in Israel you live. We will do our best to connect you with the person most suitable for you!
Buddy / Family: You feel you can support an Oleh (Olim) in integrating, making friends and finding their way around some basic bureaucratic tasks? You feel comfortable finding information in Hebrew, including someone in your social life and potentially hosting your Oleh? You have a few hours a week and you want to establish a long-term connection with an Oleh? This is your chance to contribute and help us to Keep Olim.

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Current Programs

The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support All Olim in their Post-Aliyah life through programs, services, events and advocacy to KeepOlim in Israel!

As someone only in the early planning stages of aliya,even I feel the benefit of this group, so keep doing what you are doing,You help more people than you realize.

Jeffrey Hirsch

This group has helped me better prepare for my Aliyah (been here two weeks now), and I suspect will continue to provide inspiration and help when needed. I only hope I'll be able to help others in the same fashion. We are ALL blessed to have KOII here.

Brian Max Friedman

WOW. I gotta say that I'm really so very happy that KOIM is becoming what it is. After 12 years of being here and not having such a community to even think of, it's kind of exhilarating to realize that changes can really be made. Kol HaCavod you guys. Truly awesome.

Star Gazer

Wow!! Amazing stuff you guys are doing for all olims and olimettes. Keep it up. KOIM is just getting warmed up!!

Suzy Rose