No Oleh Alone For The Holidays

It’s hard enough being a new immigrant to Israel but for many Olim with no family in Israel the holidays can be a time of extra stress with the feeling of loneliness and no where to celebrate. That’s why we created “No Oleh Alone” for the holidays, where Olim are personally placed with warm embracing Israeli hosts families. Hundreds of Olim have participated in this program which has developed friendships for many of the participants. In fact for some Olim, this is their first time celebrating the Jewish holidays. Jpost
No Oleh Alone

See this article in the Jerusalem Post July 24, 2017
by Tamara Zieve:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If I am not religious or I am non halachally Jewish may I participate?
A. Yes of course. We provide a home for every Oleh that needs one according to their needs. We find a loving space for everyone to participate. 

Q. Can I get a home in a different city and have overnight accomodations?
A. Yes, we pair people up based on your needs and our people are very accomodating

Q. I am religious and require a home equal to my religious observance, is that possible?
A. Yes, very. Again you specify what you need and we will make it happen.

Q. What if I have special dietary needs?
A. We talk to the hosts and match you up accordingly. Your needs will be meet

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Moshe Villiers

 Hi LiamiI had a fantastic time at the seder with the family in Hoshaya thanks!

Avigdor Bartenshteyn

hey! it was perfect! Amazing seder! It was the best seder ever in my life! Thank you that you've found such a good place for me

‪Anne Pollard‪ It was a great seder Liami; awesome company, delicious food and beautiful energy! xo

‪Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein‪ Anne wonderful meeting you. You are awesome

‪David Freedman

‪Liami, we had a great seder -- Thanks for sending those new olim our way!

‪Maria Volovik

‪It was absolutely lovely family and Seder! Thank you so much again and Chag Sameach!

‪Daniella Crankshaw

‪New friends through the No Olim Alone initiative by KOIM. What a wonderful Seder with JaredGrantNathan Fish and Casca Seid. Kol Hakavod to Liami Lawrence.

‪Vanessa Coriat‪ I enjoyed it SO much that everyone in my office wanted to join me by just telling about it today

‪Millones de gracias really!!!

‪Hani Skutch

‪loved our guests. thanks so much for putting this program together!

‪Cecilia Budeev Dahari‪ We had a great time.

‪Hani Skutch‪ we did too. thanks for joining us. hope to do it again soon!

‪Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein‪ We had a wonderful and very lively Sedar. Liami LawrenceAnne Pollard and Valentine Iakhnina it was wonderful hosting you, and hope to see you all very soon. In the pic are two of my 5 grand delights.

Current Programs

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