Quality Low-Cost Individual Mental Health Counseling

Sadly, ⅓ of all suicides in Israel are Olim. KeepOlim is developing a program to combat depression among Olim. Mental Health care in Israel for Olim in their native languages is completely lacking in Israel. Olim sometimes wait for months to speak to a counselor in their native language. Depressed Olim lacking jobs, friends and family quickly lose hope and leave Israel defeated. KeepOlim is developing quality low cost subsidized individual counseling sessions which will be subsidized by KeepOlim and given in their native language. These sessions will be designed to help Olim overcome their own personal issues that they face as well as empower them in their new homeland.

I am not even in Israel but I hope to come back at some point, so talking to people in this group, and just reading what other people post, has already meant a lot to me. You and this group mean more to people than you are aware of!

MB Johnson

Awesome organization. Thank you for your support.

Simcha Ruth

LiAmi - your time and effort is best spent on what you love doing - helping ALL Olim . We all love you for what you have done, for what your are doing, and for what you will do - We here for you bro x

Ian Welka

You are doing a great job, we live in Australia and making Aliyah in 10 months, I get so much fantastic information. Keep up the great great work we will be needing you all next year.

Valerie Altman