Support Hotline

KeepOlim is developing a support hotline to call when Olim need support, guidance and a sympathetic ear in their native language.

Hi...just wanted to commend your work and service to the anglo community and extended israeli community. Very impressive! Well deserved and just thought id say it! Continued success....much needed. Never entertained leaving but certaiinly didnt know where or who to turn to for help. I am sure there are many for whom you have made the transition easier and decision to stay .

Rena Gabai

If it hasn't been said enough times yet: you guys are fkn awesome! Kol hakavod!

Peter Antal

Fantastic in the knowledge that you guys not only have our backs but you fight our corner too. Thank you all.

Paul Bernstein

You are the most amazing Oleh I've ever seen. It is just amazing that no one before you thought about having services like you have envisioned for your organization! Congrats!

Daniel Cory