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See the video from our ground-breaking event at the Knesset!


We interviewed 6 Knesset candidates from 6 political parties from across the political spectrum talking about Olim issues.




Links for shows:

Netanya - Jul 28th

Jerusalem - August 1st

Be’er Sheva - August 3rd

Ra’anana - August 5th

KeepOlim (RA 580613610) is a registered non-profit organization, authorized by the Israeli Corporations Authority and the Ministry of Justice. The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support all Olim (new immigrants and returning citizens of Israel) from all over the world through post-Aliyah programs and services. We foster a strong sense of community and advocate for Olim to successfully integrate into Israeli society during life after Aliyah.

David Cohen - I'm very grateful! I received some desperately need financial help from the Israel government. Help that I never would have received without this group and Liami himself in particular. My lack of Hebrew and knowledge of how the system works and the low motivational levels left me in a very sad and lonely place. It was a post i read here of a poor woman who lost here fiance and was heartbroken and thought to join him that allowed me to get out of my owner heading and realize everyone is struggling with some diificuty, some like challenge. I sent a short SMS to her explaining i too was alone and suffered and offered her friendship. Its all i had to offer. Liami saw my message, *reached out to me and started me on the process of getting assistance. He was there every step of the way and when the process slowed as it does he fought for me as well. Im grateful that this group exists. Im grateful to e a member. Im grateful knowing there are people who understand what im going through and they have my back. Im grateful to be part of this amazing tribe. Thank you to Liami and all the Olim who have come together to help each other to live out our dreams of living in this amazing land. (moral of the story... There is help out there and to get it there is help here... In this group!! Shabbat Shalom chaverim!!

Anthony Altman  Liami & Tzvika, you both are shining lights in Israel, and I love you both and what you contributed. You, Liami, are an incredible example of what I describe in my article. You are a tower of strength, and an inspiration to those who still struggle with their weaknesses and doubts. Keep Olim is doing more than anyone can realise, to help us, as individuals, as a group, as a country. 

Nayana Ayal Liami Lawrence & Tzvika Graiver thank you for your service to Olim, your efforts your enthusiasm & your authentic caring attitude. Deeply grateful you exist to shine your bright light out into the world ❤️️

Jaqui Poser You and your group are amazing,

Susan Cohen You are great and what you have achieved and plan to do for olim is amazing!

Hillel Kuttler Keep up the good work, Liami.

Alber A. Levy Kol HaKovod to You and the whole crew for working to bridge the gaps in Aliyah suppprt and help people with actual support and shifting the focus on what's wrong to what can be made right. Hatzlacha.

Malka Levine Just donated. Let's come together and help this great organization; our organization, which through supporting and advocating for Olim, is also playing a crucial part in building this country---our country! Love Jews, love the land, and love the Torah.

Steven Sonich We are blessed to have been able to donate to such a wonderful cause. Wish we could have given more. Even if someone had nothing more than a single dollar to give, all of us can help by getting the word out about such a wonderful organization as this to others who don't know about you, which would allow others a chance to give who do have money to donate.... :) Chag Sameach

Melissa Dubinsky Kol Hakavod to KOIM! Thanks to you I received my drivers license yesterday. Yippee! I made a donation to KOIM and if everyone else in that crowded license office who benefitted from KOIM also made a donation it would be a great way to start the year.

Galia Joe Berry
HUUUUGE SHOUT OUT to "Liami the Tzadik" for immediately coming to the aid of an olah with an incapacitating medical emergency in Haifa, providing and organizing assistance, resources, bikur cholim and caring people...all for a complete stranger who is an olah in need. A person can be healthy and strong and in the blink of an eye thru no fault of their own, their life can change dramatically...and add to that an oleh who is alone here and hasn't yet mastered Hebrew. If you haven't donated yet to Keep Olim, NOW is the time folks! May it never happen to you to be in such need, but thank God for Liami and his caring minions because next time it could God forbid be YOU. May you be blessed with a long healthy life Liami and may you always go from strength to strength!

Penina Taylor 
Ok guys, I just have to tell you what an amazing resource Keep Olim is and especially all the incredible help that Tzvika Graiver is giving to olim! I don't know how one person can do all that he does, but he's incredible. If you need any legal help whatsoever, please contact Tzvika. 

Gil Milnitsky Tzvika Graiver, on behalf of the brazilian olim, my sincere thanks! Stay strong and united!

Marianne Davidow You can be really proud of what you started. It is something that will always be part of your legacy. Kol Ha'Kavod.

‪Susan Weintraub Leibtag‪ You have no idea how many people you have helped - I talk about this group to everyone I know and encourage them to join. It helps newbies and oldbies (is that a word?) because no matter how long it's been since you stepped off the plane, you need support and encouragement. I am in awe, Liami Lawrence, and Tzvika Graiver

‪Harriet Benjamin‪ You have done such amazing work Liami Lawrence and your team. really kol hakavod. thankyou so much

‪Michael Katz‪ By turning negativity to positive energy you have both created something amazing. I didn't realize it was in such a short time. Kol HaKavod!

‪ Margalith Roos -   Thanks to you Liam and tzvika we can start to begin living here and not anymore just survive.

‪Brian Max Friedman‪ Because of KeepOlim, I made Aliya in November with my eyes wide open to the good AND the not-so-good in Israel. In other words, YOU helped me prepare mentally and therefore succeed here. THANKS for all you do.

‪Grace Fenn‪ Thank you and Tzvika Graiver so much for your vision to help others with Aliyah!!!! We need more good people like you united to stand strong together for Israel now more than ever.

‪Dana Waterman Mizrahi‪ Amazing! Liami Lawrence and Tzvika Graiver you guys should be very proud of yourselves. All the best success stories are about turning a negative into a positive and you have certainly done that. The icing on the cake is you actually care about the individual not just the movement. I shared your news about the driving license changes in some other groups where it will be of benefit and people came back to me asking, can you ask them to do something about x, y z ...of course I told them to join the group and see what can be done. In some groups there was just apathy like they couldn't care less as it didn't come from their Olim organization of choice, or didn't affect them personally. That's whats different about this group, even when sometimes negativity takes over and people argue, they actually care and want something to be done to improve things.

‪Sarah Ward‪ All the help and support has been unbelievable. It gave us faith when we couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep up the good work.

‪Evan Kent‪ Thank you Liami Lawrence...when things feel a little bleak- I remember your story and fortitude...

‪Paula Kikayon‪ I wish u guys were around 37 years ago. If ir wasnt for my Israeli family and friends I would have left then. (I had my moments). Carry on doing the good work. You guys are amazing.

‪Judy Wollner Brotman‪ You have made and are continuing to make big differences , for the good ,


‪Adam D. Segal‪ Liami, while I am one of the salty Israelis around here, I have to commend you. You've set an amazing example of what is possible when people choose to be survivors, and not victims.

‪Eli E Cohen‪ Kol hakavod! It Is because of the selfless efforts of of people like you that the world is a better place!

‪Neil Glasser‪ Thank you for doing what you are doing and being a voice for the olim.

‪Melanie Bersiks‪ Liami you are amazing and I'm so glad that you persevered and never left. We are all in the same boat and must stick together

‪Sharlene Schwartz Wasserman‪ You inspire many .keep on going. Kol akavod to you Tzvika and your team.

‪Malka Shifra‪ BH!!!! Thank you for not giving up. Gives all new Olim hope that there is someone we can reach to if need to.

‪Keren Ann Burgman‪ Thank you Liami and Tzvika for your hard unending work. You both are a unstoppable creative force!

‪Michael Outmezguine‪ Liami really an amazing achievement. Just a little red tape removed which will really have a huge positive impact for Olim. I am sure this is only the beginning. With all the love I have for this country I believe more and more it is up to the Olim who, with their valuable experiences from life abroad who will be able to make Israel a better place for all Israelis.

‪Caroline Solomon‪ You're living up to the ambitious name for this group, amazing, and so inspiring.

‪Rachel Abraham Madmoun‪ We are blessed to have you here in Israel! Keep up the good work!

‪Liza Kramer‪ Incredible achievement! Many owe you much gratitude!

‪Rita Ackert‪ May you continue to be blessed with all good things in this amazing Land we call home. It is testimony of turning around negative energy and channeling it into something positive. Big achievements in such a short amount of time!

‪Isaac Guberek‪ Liami what a great leader we have, I feel proud of having applied to the group, and just hope and believe that many accomplishments will come soon. Keep up the good work, you are very important for all of us

‪MT Chava‪ Incredible, Liami Lawrence. I'm inspired and motivated by your story. May you go from strength to strength!

‪Gwen-Yehudit Pelish Morley ‫כל הכבוד לכם!! תודה רבה!    

‪Marshall Deltoff‪ you guys are TREMENDOUS. todah x 1000

‪Helen Oster‪ Liami - you and Tzvika are doing what NBN should have been doing - it's oh-so-easy to get people onto a flight, but addressing the wrongs in Israeli government systems and the commercial world are a lot tougher. And you've risen to the challenge. So proud to call you a friend.

‪Sharon Rosenbluth‪ Thank you Liami. U have provided a ray of sun in what can seem like a bleak situation....kol hakavod & keep up the amazing job

‪Freda Kaufman‪ Very much appreciated.....Your work is an inspiration to all OLIM!!!!!

‪Sara Fried‪ Its people like you that makes me proud to say that I have been here more than 9 years and counting. I strive to help new olim with advice and encourage them to hang in threw the tough times and look into the future that will be better.

‪Jessica Dachs‪ Well done..!!! Im happy finally we'll all have voice...

‪Michelle Anne‪ Well done Liami , you continue to unite and inspire us! We are not alone anymore 

‪Avi Abelow‪ You are amazing Liami!!!

‪Yael Swerdlow‪ You are truly a phenomenal force ‪❤️

Jessica C Thangjom You are making a difference everyday! keep up the good work

‪Amanda Jayne Harris‪ You guys rock xxx

‪London Liat‪ Keep on going strong! Liami love it. ‪?‪?‪?‪?

‪Avichai Bonnie ‫כל הכבוד צביקה. אתה עורך הדין הצדיק בסדום. בהצלחה

‪Leah Rachelle Berman‪ Go Tzvika Go!!! Kudos to you!!!! It's all about protexia for us small folk.

‪Shuli Briggs‪ You're amazing ! Yasher koach. May God keep giving you the strength and determination to succeed in all you do ‪?

Denis Egorov ‪I would like to say a great thanks to KeepOlim and Liami personally for supporting and keeping me up when i was about to give up. I am here for 2.5 months. Liami helped A LOT with my CV by advising me on the phone and through e-mail correspondence. He also kept saying i would succeed here and there was no time to be negative. And you know what: Liami, you are right! I have found a job i was thinking of. Moreover, i am relocating to fit the working schedule and my next appartment is twice better than now at the same money. It is hard to express all my feelings not being a native speaker but you can guess. 

‪Now i am very happy. This is vitally important to me. Live long, KeepOlim. You help us to believe. I will do my utmost to keep supporting your group in return with donations and personal assistance if and when needed.

Ray Hart ‪Liami
‪I just received a message from you concerning KeepOlim and had an opportunity to read the article from Tablet. I am amazed at what you have started and how it is helping all those who immigrate to Israel. I am so proud to call you my friend. The movement you started is a gift from God to all those seeking refuge in Israel. I never realized what you had to suffer through when you left LA. But, you rose like a Phoenix to overcome all the struggles put in your way, and from that experience created something truly incredible and inspiring. You are truly doing God’s work and in the process discovered your true purpose in life. It is an awesome thing you have done, and it needs world wide attention to help all those desiring to find a home in your country. In fact, I should have chosen to post this message on your page in Facebook. What you need to find is a publicist to get the word out about your organization. Look at me, telling you what to do when you have God’s ear. I’m so sorry to have missed sending you Birthday wishes in September, but it was not from forgetting. Unfortunately, I’ve been having really, really bad problems with my back. I will tell you more when we talk. My wish for you is to keep expanding, keep doing what you have been called to do. Now, go out and make Israel the jewel of the world despite all the detractors.

‪Michelle Liban Simpson‪ Liami Lawrence.You have set up such an amazing group for olim. I see from posts on the wall how much you've supported and motivated people. It's tough in a new country, no doubt, but having a group like this is like an arm around your shoulder, and olim can make long and true friendships here as they share their trials and tribulations together. Kol hakavod Liami. ‪?

‪Marna Becker I've been working on gratitude for everything I have. At the end of December, I'll be celebrating 10 yrs as an Israeli citizen.
‪I'm trying to recognize people and organizations for which I am grateful.
‪I'm very impressed with Liami Lawrence who has almost single-handedly changed the game for Olim. We have great resources for new Olim for when you first arrive, but at times you feel really alone and a bit in the dark. I remember that feeling.
‪LiAmi didn't hem and haw- he saw a need and did something about it.
‪Kol hakavod to LiAmi, TzvikaGraiver and the team at KeepOlim

‪Gary Heller ‪Laurie & I just donated 700 nis to KOIIM. We’re not announcing this for prestige or honor- in fact, most of our donations to causes are anonymous- but we want to encourage everybody to donate *something* - it doesn’t have to be a lot- but the services KOIIM provides to olim who are struggling socially, economically, health-wise, etc., etc., etc., helps us all, not just the beneficiaries of their services. We olim are here to build a strong, vibrant, growing country. Liami and others worked long and hard to build this organization from scratch. He put in an enormous amount of time, usually without compensation to help all of us. It costs money to run an organization like this and to provide services to those who need it. It’s truly an honor to be a part of this organization and to help support it.

‪Veronika Becvar‪ Way to go! You guys have done a great job so far and it is getting better with each day! THANK YOU! ‪?‪?‪??️

‪Shosh Taylor‪ ‪✡Liami, you are AMAZING ! So proud of you!

‪Jonathan Holmes‪ You guys give me hope wanting to dare where angels fear to tread.please continue working for olim

‪Hanna Baer-de Bree‪ Kol Hakavod. In the short amount you have been here you have and are making huge waves with your team. Thank you both of you and all who help you!

‪Melanie Bersiks‪ What an amazing team you are. May you go from strength and keep olim here ♡♡♡

‪Sara Jacobovici‪ Kol Hakavod Liami Lawrence!! Couldn't be prouder or more impressed. You are "a mover and a shaker"!

‪Natacha Correa‪ Great job! Liami Lawrence and Tzvika Graiver you guys are awesome!

‪Susan Cohen‪ You are an amazing team.

Our friend actress & celebrity Mayim Bialik with a message for KeepOlim

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<strong>LiAmi Lawrence</strong>

LiAmi Lawrence


The co-founder and CEO of KeepOlim, LiAmi made Aliyah July 24, 2014 from Los Angeles. It was the troubles he faced post-Aliyah that were the impetus for the creation of KeepOlim. LiAmi was the former Director of Media for the Consulate General of Israel for the Southwest Region of the United States. He was also Public Relations Director for a non-profit that worked with at risk inner city teens in Los Angeles. In addition, LiAmi also produced events and parties for the LA Jewish Community and hosted a popular weekly radio talk show with many controversial guests and celebrities.

<strong>Tzvika Graiver</strong>

Tzvika Graiver


The co-founder and Chairman of the Board of KeepOlim, Tzvika is a native born Israeli. An entrepeneur and inventor by nature, he earned a Law Degree at Hebrew University and started to volunteer at NefeshBNefesh as a lawyer for new Olim. Sadly Tzvika quickly saw that the same Olim that he helped to make Aliyah returned to their countries. Then through the hand of fate Tzvika met LiAmi and together they decided to start a post Aliyah non-profit for all Olim, in order to make real changes for all Olim. Tzvika advocates for Olim in the Knesset to try to make life easier for Olim through legistration. Moreover, he runs KeepOlim's Free Legal Aid Program to review contracts and provide legal help for Olim in their first year of Aliyah. Tzvika's goal is to Keep Olim in Israel so that Israel will thrive and grow.


<strong>JOSH ARONSON</strong>



Board Member Josh Aronson is a millenial immigrant from Manchester, England, who currently works as a noted journalist for"Maariv" newspaper and the website "Shavim."

Being on the Autism Spectrum has not limited Josh in any way, as proven by his numerous roles and contributions in Israeli society: He serves as the Disabilities Coordinator for the Israeli Reform Movement, works in the communications department of Keren Hayesod- UIA, and is an activist for one of the major political parties in Israel.

"I suffered a lot integrating into Israeli society especially due to my disabilities but I succeeded. Through KeepOlim, I hope to help as many Olim as possible to integrate into Israeli society."

<strong>SUSAN COHEN</strong>



Board Member Susan Cohen made Aliyah in April 2019 along with her husband, joining the rest of their family in Israel. Susan is a Therapeutic Counsellor and Psychotherapist, having earned her diploma in 2013, from the United Kingdom. She has worked in both the Volunteer and Private sector, including “Her Majesties Prison Service” for the last 8 years.

Susan’s expertise’s covers a wide range of specialities including working with suicidal ideations, domestic violence /abuse, sexual abuse and people suffering from chronic and terminal illness, as well as a wide range of mental health issues.

Soon after Susan’s Aliyah, she volunteered for KeepOlim as a therapist. She worked alongside Dr. Robert Lubin, Volunteer Programme Director of KeepOlim’s Mental Health Division, taking on a larger and vital role in the organization. Susan’s hope is to build and develop the Mental Health Division of KeepOlim, taking it forward with new ideas and initiatives, with the aim of keeping our Olim safe, well, and in Israel.

<strong>DAVID HOVAV</strong>



Board Member David Hovav is a 34 years old Jerusalem-born Sabra, son of an Israeli father and an American mother.

David was raised in a Kibbutz and served in the IDF in the Paratroopers Unit from 2003 to 2006. David traveled around the world and lived in England for two years and America for eight.

Today, David has returned to Israel and works as a businessman, as well as “youth at risk”. David is a member of Inter-Aliyah football team, a team made up of Olim from all around the world.

“I’m very glad to be a part of KeepOlim. I believe that Olim are the real treasures of Israel and that’s exactly the way how they should be treated!”

<strong> NURIT ILUZ</strong>



Board Member Nurit Iluz is a self-made woman. A Sabra, born in a broken home, she overcame poverty, abuse and near death and chose to leave it all behind and become a business and social entrepreneur who is dedicated to improving the lives of as many people as possible. 

She has had an amazing career as a Business Consultant to SMB (Small Medium Business) and holds an MBA in Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Nurit is the founder of a non­profit “Everything Is Possible For Me” which motivates and helps disadvantaged people to find themselves and to create new possibilities for their lives. Nurit is bringing her special courses and skills to help inspire our Olim to overcome their obstacles in Israel! Nurit is the mother of two grown sons and lives with her partner Eitan in Tel Aviv.

<strong>ANNE POLLARD</strong>



Board Member Anne Pollard, from the famous "Pollard Affair" made aliyah from New York, USA. She is an American Prisoner of Zion, known worldwide for her contributions to Israeli security, and for subsequently sitting in American prisons between 1985 - 1990 under cruel, inhumane conditions - after she and her former husband Jonathan, were betrayed by the Israeli government.

Anne grew up in NYC, New Jersey and Washington, DC. She worked for major American lobby organizations which brought her to Capitol Hill. She acted as a spokesperson and ran press offices for her organizations throughout the USA. Anne also specialized in media training for CEOs and top level executives from fortune 500 companies.

In prison, Anne and her father Bernie formed "Justice for the Pollards" due to the enormity of fake news and injustice both Anne and Jonathan were subjected to. After Anne completed her prison sentence, she became an accomplished speaker. She is a passionate Zionist and proud Jew who advocates for Judaism, Israeli defense and security force personnel, women's issues and animal rights. Today Anne lives in Tel Aviv with her adopted dog "Prince" and her kitty "Angelique."

<strong>LENNY RAVICH</strong>



Board Member Lenny Ravich was born in Hartford, Connecticut, USA in 1936. He earned his BA in English Literature from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and his Master’s Degree in Education from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.

Lenny made Aliyah in 1964, married his Israeli born wife, Alisa in 1965 and they have three children and nine grandchildren. He was an inspector of English teachers for the Israeli Board of Education and his wife is presently a psychiatric social worker.

Among other talents, Lenny is an actor, drama coach, director, stand-up comedian and a Gestalt Therapist. Mr. and Mrs. Ravich presently live in Tel Aviv.

<strong>YAFFA SAFADI </strong>



Board Member Yaffa Safadi made Aliyah from Las Vegas with her six children during the 2014 Gaza war. Yaffa was born in Mexico city, Mexico and moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 7.

Yaffa received a Masters Degree in Childhood Education in Paris, France. After moving to Las Vegas, Yaffa was introduced to the world of Hospitality where she worked as an event coordinator. In addition, she volunteered for the Sheldon Adelson School for 8 years.

Yaffa speaks English, Hebrew, French and Spanish. Today Yaffa is the Guest Relations Manager at the Daniel Hotel in Herzlia.

<strong>JESSICA C. THANGJOM</strong>



Board Member Jessica C. Thangjom made Aliyah from India in 2008 with her husband and daughter. Jessica is part of the Bnei Menashe Community of Indian Jews whose ancestry goes back to the Menashe Tribe.

Jessica’s family lived in several cities before finally settling in Ramla.  As a new immigrant, Jessica faced several issues finding a job in Israel, even with her Masters Degree in Sociology and her amazing work experience at World Vision and Medecins Sans Frontiers.

Finally finding employment in high-tech, Jessica also met LiAmi and Tzvika of KeepOlim, who saw an amazing opportunity for Jessica to contribute to the growing Bnei Menashe Community of Israel and KeepOlim itself. Jessica is also a liaison to our Bnei Menashe Community and all Olim!

Jessica had found her calling at KeepOlim which is a perfect convergence of her previous experiences and personal aspirations.

<strong>RABBI BRIAN THAU</strong>



Rabbi Brian Thau has been a dynamic leader in Rabbinics and Jewish Education (both formal and informal) in synagogues, schools, and camps for over 20 years.

He made Aliyah from the United States and currently resides in Beit Shemesh, as the Executive Vice President of "The American Friends of House of Hope." Rabbi Thau's contributions to KeepOlim are highly valued, as he comes with vast experience, having served in leadership positions at ZDR Academy/ Rambam, Yeshivah of Flatbush, the 92nd Street Y, Ramaz Middle School,and many other Jewish educational institutes.


<strong>ARI BASHAN</strong>



Ari is a native Californian who is passionate about Aliyah and helping Olim succeed! He made Aliyah in August 2012, and was drafted into the IDF/Tsahal in November of the same year. He served until the end of 2015 as a Combat Soldier in Sayeret Rimon.

"The transition into Israeli society can be overwhelming, but can be made much easier if we help one another and stick together, as such I am honored to take the reins of the KeepOlim Young Adult Society." Ari currently resides in in Holon with his girlfriend Meital.

<strong>DR. ROBERT LUBIN </strong>



With over 25 years of experience in clinical work, teaching, and management experience, Dr. Robert Lubin lends his expertise as the Program Director of KeepOlim's Mental Health Services.

An Oleh from America, Dr. Lubin’s professional experience and expertise spreads over a broad spectrum. As a Psychologist, he has provided clinical services, counseling and testing to individuals and groups. He has authored several articles on the career development process, job burnout, medical education and the development of empathy. In addition, he has developed and taught courses in Psychology, Education and Counseling for over 20 years. Robert hopes that the development of the mental health unit will strengthen the experience and unity of all olim and enrich the general Israeli society.

<strong>JOAN SHRENSKY</strong>



Joan made Aliyah from the United States in 1981 with her husband and 2 daughters. Within 4 years of her Aliyah she founded Mercaz Harmony, a unique inclusive educational program for children with disabilities who learn with children who have no disabilities. Joan directed this program until her retirement in 2008.

She has served on the board of many organizations devoted to the inclusion of children and adults with special needs. In 2002, she was chosen as one of 21 American-Israeli Women highlighted in the book "Portraits in Passion: Vision and Values of American-Israeli Women. Although she still consults with families of children who have special needs, today, she devotes her time to her family (including 9 grandchildren), her friends and of course to KeepOlim and administering the KeepOlim Bikur Cholim program.

<strong>LEVI TABACHNIKOV</strong>



Levi Tabachnikov was born in 1996 in Donetsk, Ukraine and made Aliyah to Israel in 2015 via the SELA Carmiel Aliyah program. Levi is multilingual and speaks 4 languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and English.

He served in the IDF Artillery Corps as a combat soldier and now is dedicated to helping Lone and Oleh Soldiers in KeepOlim! Levi is looking forward to attending Hebrew University this fall.