Best Regards, Vered Furman. Volunteer Coordinator Leo Baeck Community Center On behalf of the Leo Baeck Center, I would to thank you all wholeheartedly to all of you who donated and volunteered to help out our fire victims in Haifa through your project "KeepOlim Gives". We thank you for bringing to us many beautiful donations of clothes, blankets, toys, diapers etc that will help the victims that went through the ravages of fire survive the winter storms. To all of you many, many thanks from all of our staff, volunteers and people that we service here at Leo Baeck Center in Haifa, we are very grateful for your beautiful deeds.

‪Isaac Scheff‪ Very proud of all of you for coming together to help each other out in a time of need and great coordination of resources. Keep up the good work and may G-d pave the way for your continued success!

‪Debra Strassberg Nunn‪ Very Proud of you, your organization and the many volunteers and donors who donated clothes, home goods and their time for others in their time of need.

‪Nurit Iluz‪ Its a great loving project coming from many loving and generous hearts. KOL HKAVOD!!!!!

‪Julie Stroli‪ Hats off to you and your initiative

‪Guy Gottlieb‪ Proud of my good friend Liami Lawrence and the organization he founded KeepOlim (which has over 25k members) which has collected Tons (literally) of emergency supplies and donations for those affected by the horrible fires in Israel!! Tzvika Graiver + others in group , and the rest Kol-A-Kavod!!!

‪Anna Cunningham‪ What a wonderful act of human kindness... God bless you all!!

‪Sarah Guerchfeld-Yakir‪·  KOIIM Keep Olim IN Israel Movement, leader Liami Lawrence and a great staff organize help for fire victims! Amazing! Read the article and join the group which is the greatest cause for our country!

‪Ashley Walters‪ Wow you guys are incredible! The work you've done and continue to do is inspiring. You are amazing.

‪Daniella Crankshaw‪ Way to go Liami and Keep Olim - magnificent, truly magnificent!

‪Meir Green‪ Kol hakavod and yeshar koach, to Liami Lawrence and to everyone who contributed to this wonderful chesed project!

‪What a tremendous mitzvah of loving your neighbor!

‪May Hashem bless our efforts with success. May He fill our loss. And may He shower blessing on us and on all of Israel!

‪Kaley Zeitouni

‪But biggest Kol hakavod and THANK YOU to Liami Lawrence and the amazing KeepOlim coordinators and movers for volunteering your time and making this happen with over 30 drop off centers across the country. It was an honor to be a part of this mitzvah. Thanks Hashem for giving us the space to do it!

‪Jessica C Thangjom‪ Hats off to all the donors and the volunteers ‪?‪?‪?

‪Margalith Roos‪ you catched the ball and win this game, well done everyone!