Ami Mordekai   I actually attended "Be the Leader in Your Life" seminar for Olm in Tel Aviv. It has transformed my life and outlook as an Oleh of 7 years. I took away many new skills and valuable tips that are helping me cope with the challenges I face here in Israel. I highly recommend it to each and every Oleh.


Gershom Lichtenberg  I want to thank LiAmi Lawrence, Sharin Aizen and the group of people who showed up for a wonderful program (Be the Leader in Your Life) presented in Haifa this morning. In spite of the technical glitches that LiAmi had to deal with at the beginning, they moved ahead to present useful information and approaches, personal stories from the participants which generated support from the group and insights from Sharin on how to change our approaches to the issues that we face. Thank you all very much for organizing this and for being there.


Brian Max Friedman Thank you KOIM for the great class in Haifa today. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Yahel Wilfand The class was amazing it helped my very much personally


Yudith Guttman  Thank you guys for the amazing course!!! Liami and Nurit, you guys did an amazing job by making this course possible for olim. Paz is an incredible relationship coach with so much wisdom and he is sharing his knowledge in a very unique and funny way! I definately recommend this course to anyone!
משה ויליארס Liami thanks so much for an amazing day in Haifa at Keep Olim!  It was a transformational experience for me and all that attended כל הכבוד I've already learnt so much from the seminar to take my Aliyah to even greater heights! 


Kylie Cohen  Thank you KeepOlim. Yesterday I attended the "Be the leader in your life" seminar with the amazing motivation coach Sharon Aizen in Haifa. What a morning!! If the opportunity arises for you to take the course, please do it. Each and every one of us can benefit from this. Huge shoutout to Liami, Sharon, Nurit and all others that worked extremely hard to make this happen for us.


Change doesn't happen over night. You gotta get up and work for it. Life is hard here, but not pushing forward with your goals and feeling sorry for yourself doesn't help. Do things that make you happy every single day, surround yourself with positive influences and watch your life get better. We all have the potential to make it here, do that.
Miriam Roche Fuks I traveled from netivot. It was very difficult. But worth it. Someine else came from beer sheva.