Penina Taylor  Ok guys, I just have to tell you what an amazing resource Keep Olim is and especially all the incredible help that Tzvika Graiver is giving to olim! I don't know how one person can do all that he does, but he's incredible. If you need any legal help whatsoever, please contact Tzvika. 

Gil Milnitsky- Tzvika Graiver, on behalf of the brazilian olim, my sincere thanks! Stay strong and united!

Paula Caplan

‪A big, big thank you to Tzvika Graiver for his help today. My landlord was really abusive and tried to scare me into doing something that was not only illegal but unfair to me. I told Tzvika that the landlord threatened and scared me by saying he knew I was all alone in Israel. It's funny but I'm so afraid of terrorists but that landlord really scared me. It's the first time I thought maybe I should go back to the US, maybe Israel is no place for a woman alone. Tzvika reminded me that I had 24,000 people behind me and him and that I am by no means a woman alone in Israel. Thank you Tzvika so much. There are no words to express how protected you made me feel.

Alex PB

‪A massive thank you to Tzvika Graiver who helped me to solve my problems with my dodgy disgusting landlord. He's the man to call if you need anything. Toda raba!!!!


Siennicki Joanna

Thanks to Tzvika I win. You are amazing !

‪Catherine Lawrence

an immense thank you to Tzvika Graiver I would have left Israel if it wasn't for him

‪Clara Ora Tzvika even if I don't know you personally thank you for that amazing work of yours! ?

Lilya Zhelezko

I would like to thank Tzvika for his great help!To make a story short I worked at the hotel,where my boss didn't pay me 150% for saturday shifts,that is illegal. Thanks to Tzvika i was given bak all the money that i didn't get during the work after he spoke to my boss. Want to mention that he did it absolutely for free!I really glad and proud of such people as Tzvika,who support and help olim!:)

Ariel Weinberg

Thank you Tzvika for all that you do for the community at large. כל הכבוד

Natan Essers

‪I'd just like to thank Tzvika Graiver for putting in time and effort in assisting my mom in dealing with הוצעה לפועל and some unhelpful lawyers representing the other party, lowering the amount owed and giving informative counsel on how to deal with this. Thank you!

Devorah Sanchez

 I want to encourage all new olim to contact Keep Olim and Tzvika Graiver before negotiating and signing any rental contract. I rarely post but felt I needed to share my wonderful experience with Keep Olim and the legal services it provides.

Tzvika is a lawyer extraordinaire, and Keep Olim even in its infancy is already providing much needed services. Due to his generosity and efforts Tzvika saved me from a potentially bad situation with a rental contract this week. Tzvika not only evaluated my contract, he went above and beyond and advised me over a three day period, negotiated with the landlord's lawyer and was in contact with me up until I signed. There were several pitfalls in the contract because it included a few things that I never agreed to but obligated me financially. And believe me, not in a good way. He made sure I was protected.

Maxwell Tylim

I'd like to give a big shout out to my brother Tzvika Graiver. Making Aliyah isn't easy, but with people like Tzvika devoting their time and effort day in and day out selflessly it makes the process a lot easier and less stressful.

After 7 months of searching for a place in TLV I finally moved in today and of course when I was ready to sign the lease Tzvika read through the contract on a moments notice to make sure it was fair and that I wouldn't be taken advantage of. I am only 1 of hundreds of Olim that he has helped make life easier here so on behalf of everyone id like to say a big thank you for everything you do.

I can honestly say that with out people like this I don't know if I would still be here after 7 months.

Roseanna Melissa Niman

UPDATE FOR ALL YOU GUYS OVER 3 YEARS LIVING IN ISRAEL: Hi guys! All go to Jerusalem Clal (we're from Tel Aviv)! Been here 6 years and just got my license. My friend failed 2 tests and just got hers as well with no issue! SO HAPPY! Thank you KOIM 

Faye Cohen Gable 

Thank you ! Thank you!! for the hard work getting the new license law passed. Also for all the advice and posts from members. After 6 years, got my drivers license.

Katie Frankel

DRIVER LICENSE CONVERSION UPDATE: been here almost two years but have failed two driving tests. I live in tel aviv but came to Jerusalem clal. So easy and so helpful here. All processed and now just waiting for the temporary licence to be ready. Today is looking like a Great day. Can't thank KOIM and the people in the Jerusalem branch enough