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Adopt an Oleh

KeepOlim together in partnership with Taglit Birthright Israel will soon debut our "Adopt An Oleh" Pilot Program. Every Oleh will be personally paired with an Israeli Buddy who has a similar background and shared interests. This program will be expanded to include Olim of all ages including families to families. The program will provide Olim a friend and mentor as well as help them through the daily struggles of being an immigrant.  The ultimate goal is to help them integrate successfully into Israeli society

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As someone only in the early planning stages of aliya,even I feel the benefit of this group, so keep doing what you are doing,You help more people than you realize.

Jeffrey Hirsch

This group has helped me better prepare for my Aliyah (been here two weeks now), and I suspect will continue to provide inspiration and help when needed. I only hope I'll be able to help others in the same fashion. We are ALL blessed to have KOII here.

Brian Max Friedman

WOW. I gotta say that I'm really so very happy that KOIM is becoming what it is. After 12 years of being here and not having such a community to even think of, it's kind of exhilarating to realize that changes can really be made. Kol HaCavod you guys. Truly awesome.

Star Gazer

Wow!! Amazing stuff you guys are doing for all olims and olimettes. Keep it up. KOIM is just getting warmed up!!

Suzy Rose

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