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KeepOlim's CV/Résumé Review Service

KeepOlim's Free Resume Review Services - provides free resume reviews including rewriting, formatting and updating English resumes for the Israeli market.

Our patient resume expert volunteers create a beautiful resume to put our Olim's best foot forward showcasing their strengths to allow them to obtain their desired position.

We have helped hundreds of Olim rewrite and tailor their resumes for the Israeli job market and in some cases found employment for them! 

For a free CV/résumé review, please send it to

Ivan Lurie “Thanks to KeepOlim who not only fixed and rewrote my resume for free but also thru their contacts got me a job interview at Payoneer. They called me today to say that I'd be a great addition to the team! Thank you so much KeepOlim!!!”

Denis Egorov “I would like to say a great thanks to KeepOlim and Liami personally for supporting and keeping me up when i was about to give up. I am here for 2.5 months. Liami helped A LOT with my CV by advising me on the phone and through e-mail correspondence. He also kept saying i would succeed here and there was no time to be negative. And you know what: Liami, you are right! I have found a job i was thinking of. Moreover, i am relocating to fit the working schedule and my next apartment is twice better than now at the same money. It is hard to express all my feelings not being a native speaker but you can guess. Now i am very happy. This is vitally important to me. Live long, KeepOlim. You help us to believe”

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The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support All Olim in their Post-Aliyah life through programs, services, events and advocacy to KeepOlim in Israel!

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