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KeepOlim's Lone and Olim Soldiers Unit (חיילים בודדים ועולים)

KeepOlim provides support, assistance and care to Lone & Olim Soldiers from all around the world, who are serving in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). They are a special group of people, dear to our hearts, because they have come to Israel to protect our country and in doing so made many sacrifices, including leaving their families behind.

KeepOlim provides Free Mental Health Counseling to All Lone and Olim Soldiers before, during and after their Army service, in their native language. Our staff of dedicated volunteer Olim Therapists under the direction of Dr. Robert Lubin and Susan Cohen, have treated over 40 clients within the first 3 months.

Our KeepOlim Lone & Olim Soldiers Unit recently started a Gift Certificate Program to feed our struggling and hungry soldiers.The gift certificates are issued to soldiers in need, many of whom come from lower income families and who are struggling as they are sadly on their own. This is why KeepOlim has stepped in to help!

KeepOlim's Advocacy Program fights for Lone Soldiers and is part of the Bodedim Coalition whose goal is to establish a new law that provides recently released Lone Soldiers with a basic “bill of rights”.

KeepOlim has worked with the NATIV Program to hold seminars for their Lone Soldiers.

All KeepOlim programs and events are always Free to Lone & Olim Soldiers.

KeepOlim's Current Programs

The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support All Olim in their Post-Aliyah life through programs, services, events and advocacy to KeepOlim in Israel!

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