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KeepOlim's Social Events and Parties

KeepOlim holds many events and parties so Olim can meet each other, make friends and connections. Our events reflect the diversity of KeepOlim with Olim from every country, as well as secular to orthodox coming together to foster a sense of community for the 40,000+ Olim in our Facebook group.


See our events here


Click below to register to attend or be a host for Rosh Hashanah. Wed. Sept 20, 2017


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Liling Zoltán - Liami, this is an extremely important way of helping people, respect and thanks for your work!

David Ryan You are truly inspiring and a force for good LiAmi Lawrence

Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein Liami Lawrence, honestly I cannot believe what you have achieved in just over a year. It was only in the last 6 months that you had a team working with you. I think KeepOlim is amazing. Just wish it was here when I made aliyah. Well done.

Adam Silk Keep up the hard work Liami ... you have come a long way, in a short time. Be proud for all your accomplishments.

KeepOlim's Current Programs

The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support All Olim in their Post-Aliyah life through programs, services, events and advocacy to KeepOlim in Israel!

Mental Health Division

FREE Crisis
Support Groups

KeepOlim Lone &
Olim Soldier's Unit

Free Legal Aid

Olim Advocacy

No Oleh Alone
For The Holidays

KeepOlim's Free
CV/Résumé Review


KeepOlim's Social
Events & Parties

KeepOlim's Bikur
Cholim Program


Project KeepOlim

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