Equipo de Abogacía de KeepOlim

KeepOlim lucha por todos los Olim en la Knesset.

En Julio de 2017, logramos llevar a cabo un cambio de ley para todos los Olim que les permitía convertir sus licencias de conducir en Israelíes.

Hoy en día cualquier Oleh que tenga registro de conducir hace más de 5 años y haya vivido en Israel por menos de 3 años tiene derecho a convertir su licencia en el Driving License Bureau (Oficina de Licencias).

Actualmente también estamos trabajando para que los títulos profesionales sean aceptados en Israel.

El Programa de Abogacía de KeepOlim lucha por los Soldados Solitarios y es parte de la Bodedim Coalition, cuya meta es establecer una nueva ley que provee a Soldados Solitarios recientemente liberados con una “declaración de derechos básica”.

KeepOlim tiene un Lobby no-político llamado “Schdula” que funciona a través de todos los partidos de la Knesset para defender a todos los Olim.

Algunos artículos relevantes:

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With Director General of Misrad Aliya & Integration Alex Kushnir At the Knesset

Click to see the video from our ground-breaking event at the Knesset!

Dionne Zulman Sabel A huge mazal tov, thank you and kol hakavod to Tzvika Graiver and Liami Lawrence and all involved for their hard work and dedication to getting these really important changes made to the olim driver's licence rules! Shabbat shalom

‪Vaies VaieQuin‪ Amazing!!!!! Count us in!. Keep up the good work

‪Hillel Kuttler‪ Liami and Tzvika: mazal tov and kudos on your good work.

‪Jessica Lang‪ Thank you all for your hard work on this! It's so important. I think it goes into affect this september

‪Elisabet Meltvik‪ Yishar koach to you guys! Thanks for fighting this battle for us

‪Anne Pollard‪ Kol hakavod!

‪Michele Rootenberg‪ Absolutely sterling work.Thanks for taking up the cudgel for all olim.

‪Nili B. Abrahams‪ Thank you. You will have positively affected so many!! You are amazing! And so is the rest of the team!

‪Sara Shain‪ Wow!!! All the honor to you! Amazing news!!

‪Elisabeth Jaeckel‪ Mazal tov and big big THANK YOU!!! It is a step forward and hopefully the beginning of many more.

‪Joanna Brown‪ As always amazing... you where born for this.. Just wonderful

‪Beverley Mans‪ KOL HAKAVOD what an achievement

‪Anne Sendor‪ Kol Hakavod to the whole team!

‪Daniel Kovner‪ Finally! When my dad came to Israel in the early 1990s that was the regulation

‪For some reason they changed it... Glad they changed it back

‪Kylie Cohen‪ Kol Hakavod to all that worked so hard for this!!! Thanks for making life for Olim here a little bit easier. BE PROUD OF YOURSELVES KEEPOLIM! ‪❤️

‪Avi Abelow‪ Amazing!!!

‪Melanie Bersiks‪ Zvika, Liami and whoever else was involved in this amazing challenge, you all rock. May all our lives be made just a little bit easier in whatever way possible. Making Aliya is an achievement in itself and we just need a bit of encouragement in our day to day live's. Once again thank you so much and kol hakavod ‪:-)

‪Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein‪ I belong to an amazing group called Keep Olim in Israel Movement. KOIM. They are doing the most amazing work. If you are an Oleh and not yet a member, I urge you to join. Their latest achievement is included in the text below. Liami Lawrence, I applaud you and your team

‪Maxine Younger Lorrimer‪ Thank you!! Kol halavod! This is amazing

‪Jurate Fiona‪ Tzvika you are AWESOME

‪David Cukier‪ Revolutionary

‪Natacha Correa‪ Kol hakavod! Thank you for making the life of Olim easier.

‪Joel Lunger‪ Wow!!

‪I know a few people that were trying to get their New York bus license transferred to Israel and had to go through the impossible to do it so they gave up and one moved back to America. Thank you Keep Olim for working on this!!

‪Rika Sissi Greenberg‪ About time Israeli lawmakers realize they need Olim to survive...

‪Jo Chubin Zeitouni‪ You are so awesome, thank you guys for your hard work for Olim.

‪Jenilee Bader-Ben Shimon‪ Even though I just took my test this morning after 2 years of issues and will find out later if I failed/passed. Still had issues with the tester and driving instructor's making calls to stand up for me!!!! We'll see! Thank you Liami LawrenceTzvika Graiver and 

Joan Berman Shrensky for being their for us.

‪Maxine Younger Lorrimer‪ Thank you!! Kol halavod! This is amazing

‪Alex Feder‪ Thank you KOIM!!! This was a big stress for me so I'm sure it will make the lives of olim much smoother moving forward. Great work!

‪Sandra Vargas Shulamit Ahava‪ Yay!!! This is an awesome new... I am so happy I didn't do it before.. Money issues of course... Hashem listened to meeeee..... ‪?

‪Keren Ann Burgman‪ This is such a tremdous accomplishment....thank you for your unending energy and effort to work toward changing tje status quo in Istael!

‪Chani Leifer Klein‪ Great job! Kol Hakavod upon all your efforts on behalf of olim!

‪Victor Molinas-Booth‪ Good, and I thought getting my license was hell until I read some of the hellish stories on here.The more people show these bureaucrats that they are our public servants and are put in their places the more efficient this country becomes for all citizens. Well done KOIM.

‪Samuel Funk‪ Amazing guys! Too late for me but I am happy for all the future olim who are spared this nightmare ‪?

‪Bri'el Bar Avraham‪ I went to Kabbalat Shabbat on the port at Tel aviv. I prayed so hard for all of us tha HaShem will get this for us all after the hard work of these two guys!! Toda raba and Shabbat Shalom.!!

‪Carol Anne Givati‪ Well done. Amazing dedication! Thanks for the hard work!

‪Lorre Hammerman Goldberg‪ Yasher koach !!!!! HUGE!

‪Suzy Rose‪ Great job guys and KOIM.

‪Kol hakavod again!

‪RabbiAvi Schwartz



‪I AM SO PROUD OF Liami Lawrence and Tzivka and the Team!!!!!!!



‪David Dotan‪ You're best Tzvika and Liami keep going you doing an amazing job‪

‪Rene Hurwitz‪ This is FANTASTIC NEWS. Well done to you Liami Lawrenceand to Tzvika Graiver

Helena Bönischová Kol hakavod!

‪Adam Road‪ You guys rock

‪Chanie Grinberg Maslow‪ Would you guys consider startinga party in the knesset? You guys r the only one who advocate for our rights.

‪Carol Anne Givati‪ Well done Tzvika. Kol hakavod. You really are exceptional!

‪Marian Morgan‪ Really amazing! I went through that rigamarole last year. I tell people it was easier making Aliyah! Mazal tov !

‪Marshall Deltoff‪ todah todah.. we have 4 kids, and we cant even rent a car.. whenever we want to go out of town, we have to check and coordinate all bus and train schedules, and even then, we are stuck taking expensive cabs to more remote places inaccessible by public transit. thank you soooo much!!


El objetivo de KeepOlim es empoderar, inspirar y brindar apoyo a todos los Olim en su vida post-aliá mediante programas, servicios, eventos y defensa de Olim en Israel!

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