Ningún Oleh Solo Durante Las Festividades

Es suficientemente difícil ser un inmigrante nuevo en Israel pero para muchos Olim, que no tienen familia en Israel, las festividades pueden ser un tiempo de estrés extra con la sensación de soledad, y ningún lugar donde celebrar. Es por esto que creamos “Ningún Oleh Solo” para Rosh Hashaná y Pesaj, donde Olim tienen la opción de ir con familias de anfitriones israelíes cálidos. Desde familias ultra ortodoxas hasta familias totalmente seculares vegetarianas, tuvimos más de 1500 Olim en este programa - muchos de estos han desarrollado amistades duraderas. Aproximadamente el 40% de los participantes son Olim Rusos/Ucranianos, y un 30% de estos celebraban una festividad Judía por primera vez.


Preguntas Frecuentes


P. ¿Si no soy religioso o no soy Judio halájico, puedo participar?

R. Por supuesto. Nosotros proveemos una casa para cada Oleh que necesite una en base a sus preferencias religiosas y alimenticias.


P. ¿Puedo obtener una casa en otra ciudad y pasar la noche?

R. Si, juntamos a las personas basándonos en tus necesidades y nuestra comunidad es muy complaciente.


P. ¿Soy religioso y requiero una casa con una práctica religiosa igual a la mía, ¿es eso posible?

R. Si, muy. Tu específicas tus necesidades y nosotros nos encargamos de cumplirlo.


P. ¿Qué ocurre si tengo necesidades alimenticias específicas?

R. Nosotros hablamos con los anfitriones y te posicionamos acordemente.

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Moshe Villiers

 Hi LiamiI had a fantastic time at the seder with the family in Hoshaya thanks!

Avigdor Bartenshteyn

hey! it was perfect! Amazing seder! It was the best seder ever in my life! Thank you that you've found such a good place for me

‪Anne Pollard‪ It was a great seder Liami; awesome company, delicious food and beautiful energy! xo

‪Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein‪ Anne wonderful meeting you. You are awesome

‪David Freedman

‪Liami, we had a great seder -- Thanks for sending those new olim our way!

‪Maria Volovik

‪It was absolutely lovely family and Seder! Thank you so much again and Chag Sameach!

‪Daniella Crankshaw

‪New friends through the No Olim Alone initiative by KOIM. What a wonderful Seder with JaredGrantNathan Fish and Casca Seid. Kol Hakavod to Liami Lawrence.

‪Vanessa Coriat‪ I enjoyed it SO much that everyone in my office wanted to join me by just telling about it today

‪Millones de gracias really!!!

‪Hani Skutch

‪loved our guests. thanks so much for putting this program together!

‪Cecilia Budeev Dahari‪ We had a great time.

‪Hani Skutch‪ we did too. thanks for joining us. hope to do it again soon!

‪Adriane Rivka Wolfson Bernstein‪ We had a wonderful and very lively Sedar. Liami LawrenceAnne Pollard and Valentine Iakhnina it was wonderful hosting you, and hope to see you all very soon. In the pic are two of my 5 grand delights.

Jose ShwadskyThanks Liami Lawrence thanks of you I didn't spend alone Rosh Hashana, and also I appreciated very much Galia and Joe Berry who's hosted me and were so friendly, nice and incredible dinner, also the Beth knesset and Yishuv Moreshet incredible. That was an unforgettable evening for me and an incredible way to start the new year!

Cesare Perugia Hi, due myself and my family arrived to our host that moed yet was, to respect the family, and another guest i haven't get pictures. Anyway our experience have been great. When i spoke with the family, some days before, i have been adviced that the house wasn't big, it was true, anyway, my family have found a family with a BIG BIG heart. Realy, this have been our first rosh ha shana without our families, but we haven't be alone. Thank you for all.. Cesare and family

Sara Manjari Porat Just got back from my "No oleh alone" dinner. I just want to say thanks again to Liami for organising this! And of course thanks to my hosts Yoni and Ditzah! I had a wonderful evening and met wonderful new friends. So greatfull ?

Ilana Eberson Thanks to this wonderful group for all the work you do to help people find families to join for the holidays. I really appreciate being set up with a lovely family for Rosh Hashana meals. Thank you and keep up the great work. .

Natalie Rivlin Amazing job. Well to all the matchers and matchees

Colleen Lurie Bamberger Way to go Liami, wishing you all at KEEP OLIM a Shana tova tikateivu vetichateumu. May Hashem bless you and us with health, parnassa, happiness and many lasting friendships. A good job well done.

Sharon Levi Frid Liami Lawrence you are not less than an angel thanks for all this effort it's amazing

Melissa Dubinsky As brand new olim chadoshim fortunate enough to have received direct invitations, we have watched with amazement Liami and his team start with a simple declaration that no olim would be alone this Rosh Hashanah, and turn it into complete reality. What a metaphor for the ability of my new country brothers and sisters to accomplish whatever we can dream to do. L'Shana tova to all.

Leah Rachelle Berman Unbelievable! Phenomenal! Fantastic! You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!

Racheli Rubin Wow, yashar yochachem, such an amazing initiative, thank you for doing it!

Malka Levine Liami, I am so absolutely touched by what Keeping Olim has done with this campaign. Practically tears in my eyes now when after reading Daniella's post last night, you found a place for her and her daughter. Have you any idea what kind of merits you and all who helped have accumulated with this in Shomayim? If Moshiach comes on Rosh HaShanah (why not before?), I won't be surprised if it is this great mitzvah that tipped the scales in our favor. I wish you and all who helped with this, including those who opened their homes and hearts to receive guests, and those guests who took the difficult step of reaching out to you a kesiva v chasima tovah!

Daniella Moss Its the first time any one has ever done this for us. I am very touched.

Daniella Crankshaw Well done Liami, what you have done is outstanding!!! What a beautiful heart you have xxx Shana Tova my friend <3

Alejandra Salmon Suarez I wish this project was in the whole world! There is many Jewish people living in remote places who don't have a community to go. We are one of them celebrating only four of us with plenty of room in our table in a remote place in the UK! Shana Tova u Metuka! Rosh Hashanah Sameaj Le culam! Keep the go work, Congratulations To you Liami and all the people who work to make that amazing page possible! <3

Chaya Gold You are setting a serious example of walking the walk, not just talking. This is true love and an example of a good Jew.

Pnina Caplan You are remarkable. Thank you for all you have done for so many. May Hashem inscribe you for a sweet new year.

Eliran Sharabi You guys are amazing! We're so proud that some of the Technion students and their families were able to participate (both as hosts and guests). Shanah Tovah!

דניאל סנטר  Thanks me and my service dog thank you

Leslie Strassberg Liami to you and your group a very healthy & happy New Year! G-d bless you for your hard work in getting Olims and hosts together!

Tzina Nechumah Yesher Koach to the Keep Olim team. :)

Natacha Correa I also had a amazing dinner last night! Thank you! Shana Tova u'metuka!

Sue Liberman I also had an AMAZIng dinner with the Kemp family in Nahariyah!!! THANKS SO MUCH TO KEEPOLIM!! AND LIAMI!!


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