Empowering Olim in Their Post-Aliyah Life!

The purpose of KeepOlim is to empower, inspire, and support Olim (new immigrants and returning citizens of Israel) from all over the world through post-Aliyah programs and services. We foster a strong sense of community and advocate for Olim to successfully integrate into Israeli society during life after Aliyah.


In the past 6 months, more than 20,000 members and supporters have joined the KeepOlim Community. You can too!


“It’s amazing how you’ve helped so many people find a place for the holidays. It’s a great example you are setting for us all in making a supportive connected community.”

“The dedication and sacrifice for this group is beyond anyone’s imagination. I hope you all will do whatever it takes to help support this venture which was created specifically to help others.”

“Thanks for stepping up to the plate to help Olim in so many ways. It gives me hope! I am sure that it gives other people hope as well.”